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What is an Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography includes a brief description and evaluation of each source cited in a bibliography. An explanation of how to annotate a citation or reference can be found at the link given. Examples are shown using the APA and MLA referencing stles, this is easily transferred to the HARVARD STYLE OF REFERENCING ususally used at RSC.

Writing a Literature Review

HSC: All my own work

Is it your work?


Ryde Secondary College uses the HARVARD style of referencing.

Your bibliography is a list of all the sources of information you have used in your research or assignment.

Your bibliography is always listed in alphabetical order (usually by author’s surname, as this should be the first piece of information you include in each citation).

Your bibliography must not just be a list of website addresses.

Your bibliography must also include references for any images, diagrams, you tube clips, music, audio clips etc. you have used, as these are all different types of information and another person or organisations work.

A CITATION or REFERENCE (these terms have the same meaning) is a single item in a bibliography. So, a bibliography is a list of citations or references (remember these two words have the same meaning) organised in alphabetical order at the end of a research task.

For detailed descriptions of  how to write a reference for information presented in different formats such as websites, journal articles, images, newspaper, audio visual etc. go to –

This website has been created by the University of Melbourne and is recommended by DET.

Why Citations Matter: A Lesson in Preventing “Alternative Facts” By Elise Barbeau


Once you understand what the main components of a citation or reference are and why these are necessary, try using a citation generator such as

Cite this for me

For examples of how to cite every type of resource and and to help you to cite your own go to the Harvard Referencing Style Guide. University of Sydney Library .

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